We are proud to say that we have gone above and beyond by initiating every infection protocol recommended:

Social Distancing:

  1. Patients are encouraged to social distance while in the office.  

Patient Screening:

  1. Screening patients.  If you answer yes to any of the posted questions upon check-in, please inform the front desk.
  2. Taking temperatures of everyone who enters the office.
  3. Asking patients to reschedule their appointments if they are not feeling well. 
  4. Asking patients to contact the office if they test positive within 2 weeks of being in the office, so we can properly inform patients of potential exposure. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  1. Requiring masks at all times in the office, except during treatment.  Please make sure to cover your nose and mouth.
  2. Respiratory masks, shields, and gowns have been added to ensure protection of the staff and the patients during treatment.


  1. A disinfecting rinse is given to each patient prior to starting treatment.
  2. Suction units with HEPA filters are used during treatment. This significantly reduces aerosols in the environment. 
  3. Air purifiers with medical grade HEPA filters have been added to increase the cleaning and turnover of air in the office. 
  4. The use of disinfectant fogging at least twice a day adds another layer of disinfection to the air and surfaces.
  5. The continued cleaning of all frequently touched surfaces with the proper disinfectant gives yet another layer of protection and infection control. 

We want to let you know that we remain vigilant in our efforts to keep everyone as safe as possible, and hope that this information also encourages you to keep your oral health a priority.


Eugene B Nichols, DMD

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